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You have been asking and I’ve been listening! I’m working in the background to get a new site together with easy access to all of my old wing plans and pods.

Watch this space!

Bank and Yank Plank

What else can you do with a spare set of wings except build a plank?

Foam Board Old Timer

I decided to build a Lanzo Bomber style model from foam board, just for fun. The results were spectacular!

The joy of flight (and other rants)

Still searching for a way forward, it helps me to write things down. Sadly for you guys that means I write it down here…

Types of DLG

In this next article in my Discus Launch Glider (DLG) project I was going to have a look at the different types of DLG out there and what I can learn from them.

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Aviation Nerd & Parrot Victim


I’ve been an aviation nerd for just about as long as I can remember. If it flies I’ve probably played with it at some stage.

I’m a commercial drone pilot (Chief Remote Pilot to you!) and aeromodelling hobbyist.

In my spare time I drink beer, watch my kids swim and rescue native Australian birds.

That’s Cassie on my shoulder. She’s my baby, but she is a bit of a rascal…