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KFm6 Wing POD

give your wing some bling

This pod was designed specifically for the Ultimate KFm6 wing. I had worked on a “Large Wing Pod V2” previously with the intention of simply making a larger NanoWing pod and this was the evolution of that project.

You’ll really need a CNC mill and a good supply of carbon or G10 for this one as it uses 1, 1.5 and 3mm materials. You could get away without the 1mm spacers – I just added them so the tabs would be the same thickness as my foam board.

The motor mount firewall is laminated from two 3mm plates. I did this so I could use press-nuts in the rear plate making motor changes much easier. I hate having to dig around with a pair of pliers to undo nyloc nuts!

If you are clever you can take this design and modify it for 3D printing. I’m sure if you looked there would be suitable alternatives out there already though…