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KFm6 Wing

The original KFm6 design

This was the first ever foam board KFm wing that I ever built. It was inspired I think by FPV49 by Trond, specifically the “Project Undead” video.

Being a KFm6 design it is perfectly symmetrical and is a nicely quick and agile wing. With KFm6 wings you should always be careful of pulling up to hard as it is easy to stall them into the ground.

It did have my old GoPro embedded into the nose although I never did convert it to FPV. Doing so would be incredibly easy though.

As with a lot of my wings I have no idea why I pulled this one apart. I guess it was time to move on to other designs.

The top panel of the center section was hinged at the front to form a lid. I cut a bay into the foam underneath to house a 3S1P 1800mah LiPo along with the Rx and ESC. I’m pretty sure the motor was something like a Turnigy Park 450/480 with a 7 inch prop, but it is definitely open to experimentation.