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Large Wing Pod

carry a GoPro in comfort on your EPP wing

After the success of the original Small Wing Pod I quickly decided I had to do the same for the Tek Sumo EPP wing and thus the Large Wing Pod popped into existence.

Exactly the same construction but bigger, the Large Wing Pod again fits into a slot cut into the nose of the EPP wing. The front bay is deep enough to hold a full size GoPro type camera with ease. The bay underneath provides a lot of room foryour flight pack and I used packs up to 5200mah without noticing the extra weight in flight. I reckoned that pack would get me 40-45 minutes of cruising easily.

I’ve made the original Sketchup file as well as a selection of CAD files available for download. All the slots are sized for 1.5mm thick material and this proved plenty strong enough in use.