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MicroWing RPAS

KFm7 autonomous flying wing

With over 62,000 views on YouTube I guess I should definitely by sharing this one!

The MicroWing RPAS followed on from an earlier project where I built a fully autonomous version of the FliteTest Versa Wing. I used a KFm7 airfoil as the assymmetrical section is supposed to afford a little more lift than the regular KFm4 or KFm6.

The original had coroplast top and bottom plates for added strength, a thin fiberglass spar and the APM2.5 mini flight controller with Ardupilot installed.

It was a little underpowered and the flight battery was so small I was only getting around 7 minutes of air time. Recent developments in miniture motors, props and batteries are sure to work a lot better with this wing.

Due to the small size, I’m still not sure how pratical it is as a UAV but maybe a lightweight mapping camera would be a useful payload.