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NanoWing Pod

an easy way to FPV your wing

For the NanoWing I wanted a pod that was even smaller than the Small Wing Pod I used on the Bonsai. It had to hold my FPV camera, the flight pack, and that was it.

The NanoWing Pod fit the bill perfectly, with a protected front section for the camera and a battery bay sized to fit most common 1000mah 3-4 cell LiPos. This setup was giving me up to 10 minutes of screaming around – more than enough for the NanoWing!

In addition, the files contain details of the motor mount and control horns, also designed specifically for small FPV wings. Everything locks together with a little glue – no heavy screws required.

I’m pretty sure there are 3D printed versions of this pod out there as well so there is no reason not to add one to your foam board wing and add a little protection to your FPV gear.