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NanoWing X2

folded foam board race wing

After the success of the original NanoWing I wanted to do something with a more traditional wing section – but still using foam board as the construction material.

Taking my queues from the “Armin” style wing favoured by Flite Test, I mirrored the creases on both upper and lower surfaces to create a fully symmetrical profile. With tweaking, this method could be used to created all kinds of rough airfoil types.

The NanoWing X2 uses the same pod and motor mount as the original as well as the identical “miniquad” type motor, prop and battery.

Although a folded wing is a little harder to make than a KFm wing, the benefit is that it is a lot easier to make a neater wing. All your wiring and your electronics can be hidden away inside the structure – even the servos!