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Small Wing Pod

Turn any wing into an FPV monster

A few years back the HobbyKing Bonsai and Tek Sumo EPP wings were very popular. Many pilots were starting to convert them to FPV by simply gluing the cameras into the nose of the wing.

I was worried about my gear, espescially my action cameras as one good crash could destroy a very expensive bit of kit, so I sought a solution.

The original Small Wing Pod was cut from 1.5mm ply and fitted perfectly onto the Bonsai once a small slot was cut into the foam. The pod provided space for an FPV camera and Mobius style camera in the nose and a flight battery fitted lengthways underneath.

Later version of the pod were cut from G10 fiberglass or Carbon Fiber and proved to be very good at protecting electronics from impact damage.

I’ve made both the original Sketchup file and a selection of CAD drawings available for download so you can now cut your own pod!