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Ultimate KFm6 Wing

an update on the original KFm wing

I was looking for the perfect KFm FPV wing and got misty-eyed for the original KFm6 design. This then gave rise to the Ultimate KFm6 Wing!

The design is pretty much back to basics but I added a couple of little improvements such as a new pod and motor mount (based on the NanoWing pod) and an improved leading edge.

Although basic, the wing looks and flies great. I lost the prototype due to an unforeseen electronics error but I plan to build another in the near future.

There is an article on this wing somewhere on the site that is worth a read. I will also be making the design for the pod available for those that want to make one.

EDIT 2022: Sorry to those that downloaded the tiled plans to find it was only one page! I’ve fixed it now 🙂