Foam Board Old Timer

Designed by Chet Lanzo in the 1930’s, the Lanzo Bomber was (and still is) a very popular free-flight and R/C design with it’s pylon mounted wing and iconic diamond section fuselage.
I decided I would try to build one out of foam board.
Plans and Files included!

Ultimate KFm6 Wing

I was about to head off on a 9-day tour of Queensland with work and I really wanted a new FPV wing to take with me, so I decided to turn this old KFm6 design into the ULTIMATE KFm6 FPV WING!
Design files included.

PicoWing – Tiny FPV Flying Wing

The NanoWing has been one of my most successful designs to date. I always wanted to see how far I could go with the concept so it was time to try something a little smaller…
This is the original article with video, plans and 3D print files

Katana X2 KFm6 FPV Wing

After only 3 or 4 flights on the first version of the Katana X I started building another one.
This then is the new an improved Katana X2 KFm6 FPV wing…
This the video and downloads only.

NanoWing Part 2

The KFm4 NanoWing flew so well I wanted to see how far I could go with the FPV race wing design. This then is the obvious evolution…
This is the original article and includes all design files and plans.

NanoWing KFm4 FPV Race Wing

I set out to create a fast race wing that blended the success of the original KFm4 MicroWing with the size of the Turnigy Bonsai. I think I might have succeeded!
This is the original article, video and includes plans and pod files.

MicroWing UAV

The MicroWing UAV was an epic and ongoing project to discover if it is possible to build a small, fully autonomous wing using a KFm wing section and foam board building techniques.
Presented here is the full project article including videos and plans.

KFm4 MicroWing

This project was a spin-off from the KFm6 Flying Wing project. The plan was to design, build and fly a small foam board flying wing based on a KFm airfoil…
Includes flight video and original plans.

KFM6 Flying Wing

The KFm6 Wing was my first FPV wing design and although it never flew with FPV gear it did perform quite well.
Presented here is the original article, video, and full PDF plan and cutting templates.

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